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Networking Services

Wired & Wireless LAN/WAN Infrastructure
At the core of any network is its physical infrastructure. That is why proper planning and implementation is required to deploy a bottleneck free network. The training, certifications and experience of our engineers, coupled with our experience in the field make us the right choice for designing and implementing your network infrastructure. Our areas of specialization in this regard include:
  • Local Area Network
  • Wireless Network
  • Redundant Internet Connectivity
  • Branch Office Connectivity
  • Remote Access Solutions
  • VLAN Segmentation
  • VoIP QoS
  • Switches, Routers & Firewalls
Network Security Solutions
As the separation between private and public networks becomes increasingly blurred, the need for a robust security solution can never be overstated. As such, our approach to security starts with a security assessment of your network, to determine the appropriate level of security required to safeguard your key information asset against malicious security threats and unauthorized access. Our engineers are highly experienced in these areas of network security.
  • Proactive Vulnerability Assessment
  • Firewall Deployment (Hard and Software based)
  • Non-Internet Accessible VLAN
  • Intrusion Prevention and Detection Services
  • Content Filtering
  • Antivirus Protection
  • Anti-spam Security